The New City Rams are part of the Rockland County Pop Warner League.

The Rockland County Pop Warner League exists to promote and sponsor a Pop Warner® youth program of competitive age and weight group tackle football, flag football, and cheerleading, combined with the teaching, training and supervision of the ideals of sportsmanship, teamwork, scholarship and development of good character.

Pop Warner® football is a game operated for the benefit of the children who play it and lead the cheers. The adults come second, adapting to the realities of the children, rather than requiring the children to cope with the peculiarities of the adults.

Rockland County Youth Football & Cheerleading are proud members of Pop Warner Little Scholars and Eastern Region Pop Warner. Our league is currently made up of 10 associations throughout the Rockland, Westchester and Orange counties of Metro New York as well as Bergen County, New Jersey.

Our Mission:

To provide an opportunity for young athletes to play football and cheer at a highly competitive level. We are also committed to each athlete in assisting their growth and development of their athletic, educational, and social skills.

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